Blood shed abroad, and where there is blood shed and disaster, there are nurses at hand. Currently our neighbors across the pond in Ukraine are in the battle of a lifetime. They are fighting with courage and resolve to maintain their freedoms and independence from a brutal, cunning, and dictatorial neighbor in Russia. With hollow cursory statements of support from the West, Nato, and the EU, the war rages on. 

Back drop on the storied history of Ukraine, Russia, and the West sheds light on today’s war. Ukraine split from the dominant grip of the Soviet Union (Soviet Russia) on the 24th of August 1991. During the break up of the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991, fifteen nations were formed. To cut to the chase, the West has sought to westernize these 15 countries over the last 30 plus years. Attempting to spread (American democracy promotion which aims to encourage governmental and non-governmental actors to pursue political reforms that will lead ultimately to democratic governance.) -Wikipedia 

Over the past many years, the west has encouraged Ukraine to join Nato and the EU. Nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) also called the North Atlantic Alliance formed after World War ll whereby Nazi Germany attempt to take over Europe. Nato is a military alliance between 28 countries. Nato is a compact of allegiance that each country within Nato will unequivocally protect and support each other from any attack from an outsider. While Nato is a military alliance, the EU is a political and economical union with aims of promoting the economies of each country aligned in it’s compact. The EU promotes and allows for the free movement of people, exchange of goods and services, capital etc. aiding each country involved. 

Russia has been known to have secretly maintained governmental policy makers “puppets” within the Ukraine government. Until recently, Russia has over the many years, surreptitiously held a relatively high level of control over Ukraine via these political “puppets”.  Sadly, due to the previous facts, Ukraine has been known for bribery and corruption within its political and geopolitical arena. The underhanded control Russia has maintained since Ukraines pseudo independence has led in years past to Ukraine backing down from actively pursuing joining NATO or the EU. While the majority of Ukrainians want to join both Nato and the EU, the majority of ethnic Russian citizens within its borders do not. About ⅓ of Ukraine is densely populated with ethnic Russians and at about a 2 or 3 to 1 ratio on its easternmost border.

The crux of this war is Putin’s Russia being fiercely against Ukraines current administration and in particular outspoken President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The fact that Ukraine has with its current president and administration been outspoken in its desire to join Nato and the EU has caused the knee jerk reaction from Putin, very much like the abuser in a domestic violence relationship, to attack Ukraine. Putin is wielding force attempting to get Ukraine to do as he says and wills. Meanwhile, the west stating disdain for Putin, refuses to with any gravitas, take real action to dissuade Putin’s Russia from its violence against Ukraine. 

  Our desire at On Point Care is to go above and beyond in helping the Ukrainian victims.  By way of  support from 3rd parties, such as Compassion International, Red Cross, amongst others, as well as our hope to assist on the ground in the form of Medical Missions and Relief. During this time we ask for all to continue to keep the people of Ukraine in prayer and certainly the children of Living Pearl Orphanage in Bortnyky, Ukraine.